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The Wonderful World of Pocket DragonsTM

        Pocket Dragons are whimsical little dragons who nest in the pockets of old tweed jackets. They love to play, have a compulsion to be helpful, and they simply can't resist junk food (especially cookies).
        The artist, Real Musgrave, began to draw dragons when only 5 years old. His fascination with these magical creatures continued in high school and college and throughout his career as a professional artist. He began sculpting Pocket Dragons in 1989 - whimsical creatures based upon his early fantasy drawings. The creatures have taken on the endearing traits of Real and Muff's dogs and cats and express their own warmth and good humor.

        Pocket DragonsTM is a registered trademark of Real Musgrave and is licensed to Collectable World Studios, Ltd. in England. ©Real Musgrave.

        The Whimsical World of Pocket DragonsTM are distributed in the USA by Goebel of North America L.L.C

        Pocket Dragons are no longer being produced. Real and Muff have decided to retire. We still have significant stock remaining but it cannot be replenished.


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Pocket Dragons in Stock
Click to Enlarge SKU Description Price Add to Cart
2793 Raiding the Cookie Jar Plate $60.00
Now $45.00
2794 Elementary My Dear Plate $60.00
Now $45.00
2797 Tea & Gossip
2001 Club Redemption, 3 3/4" Tall
Now $56.25
2798 Time for Tea $60.00
Now $45.00
2878 The Merry Band $105.00
Now $78.75
2884 Giggles the Performing Gargoyle $28.00
Now $21.00
2896 Chocolate Strawberry Avalanche Surprise $100.00
Now $75.00
2922 Gardening Basket
2000 Club Redemption, 3 1/4" Tall
Now $63.75
13893 Victorian Carrol Singers, Musical $125.00
Now $93.75
13913 What Cookie Tumbler $75.00
Now $56.25
13914 Collecting Butterflies Tumbler $75.00
Now $56.25
13938 The Ringmaster $34.00
Now $25.50
70133 Pocket Dragon Playing Cards $20.00
Now $15.00
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